Pruning Equipment.

Electrocoup Pruning System

The new F3010 generation of ELECTROCOUP pruning shears, are much more than ordinary electronic pruning shears.

This tool enables you to change the cutting head according to the type of work you are doing.

Optimise your investment with a single tool for many different uses.

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Lisam Pnuematic Shears

Lisam pruning systems are diversified and specific for different needs.

  • SLY pneumatic shears are designed specifically for orchard.
  • 4WIN are specific for vineyards.
  • SLY DT model features dual cutting action blades to reduce the operator’s force while favouring the healing of the branch.
  • SUPER SLY are studied for olive and citrus trees pruning.
  • SANA SLY disinfect the blade after every cut.

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Campagnola Pneumatic Pruning Equipment

Campagnola are world renowned for their pneumatic pruners. High quality, speed, cost effective and safe pruning is always top of mind, that is why Campagnola is continuing to impress and save money for users the world over.

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